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STEAM Learning Resources – Australia

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STEAM Lessons Mapped to Australian Core Standards

The units of work for Australia is mapped to the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA, 2018), aligned to the core standards and sequence content for Science Years 3-6. In mapping to the curriculum, the STEAM learning Continuum, Robotics and Coding curricula were also considered in providing part of the STEAM connection mapping for each Unit of Work (UoW), especially for the technology pillar.

The Australian Units of Work are based on the Australian Curriculum (ACARA, 2018).

Biological Sciences Lesson
Living Things, Animals & Plants

Chemical Sciences Lesson
Changes That Materials Undergo

Earth and Space Sciences Lesson
The Sun As A Source Of Light

Physical Sciences Lesson
Heat, Friction And Motion Of Objects

Biological Sciences Lesson
Living Things And Their Environment

Chemical Sciences Lesson
Properties Of Materials

Earth and Space Sciences Lesson
Changes in Earth’s Surface

Physical Sciences Lesson
Energy Force & Motion

Biological Sciences Lesson
Adaptation of Living Things

Chemical Sciences Lesson
Matter and Properties

Earth and Space Sciences Lesson
Role of The Sun

Physical Sciences Lesson
Light From A Source

Biological Sciences Lesson
The Growth & Survival Of Living Things

Chemical Sciences Lesson
Changes to Materials

Earth and Space Sciences Lesson
Earthquake & Sudden Geological Changes

Physical Sciences Lesson
Sustainable Energy Sources

Try these quests first!

To help educators get started, these quests provide a simple entry point for in-game projects. Although not specifically mapped to core standards, they require less preparation and can be delivered autonomously with the game’s questing engine and the player’s AI robot companion, Socket.

Image AUS-1-Base-Camp-Building

GBL – Base Camp Building
Build your very first basecamp in Planeteers

Image AUS-2-Farming

GBL – Farming
Learn how to use your farming tools in Planeteers

Image AUS-3-Camera-and-Mission-Log

GBL – Camera and Mission Log
Learn how to use the camera and create new journals with the Mission Log.

Featured Quest

Designed to help educators with lesson planning, check out our featured quest guides for its summaries, fun facts, and badges.

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