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The STEAM Curriculum and Learning Continuum

We’ve designed a comprehensive STEAM curriculum that maps important learning objectives by STEAM concepts and skill level, organized into four difficulty levels, loosely aligned for grades 3 to 6. In developing our STEAM program for Planeteers, our educational design team reviewed international standards and curriculums for grades 3 to 6 in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, SEA and China. We used our learnings to create a STEAM Learning Continuum, which includes a comprehensive mix of learning objectives for teachers seeking a holistic platform to teach STEAM education using blended learning; including computer programming for kids!

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Based on the continuum, the quests and activities, fun facts, quizzes and badges in Planeteers are mapped to learning objectives under each major STEAM pillar (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) providing easy to understand skill building pathways with accompanying lesson plans for teachers to align with their own STEAM curriculum directives and education standards. If you are not already a STEAM school, then the continuum provides a detailed overview of key STEAM concept areas and learning objectives that can be used to kick start the introduction of STEAM teaching methodologies and concepts using Planeteers.

How is the STEAM Learning Continuum Structured?

The STEAM learning continuum is a sequence of skills that build in complexity from one level to the next. Initial skills provide the foundation of background knowledge necessary in order to begin learning skills at the next level. The learning skills are cumulative. The infographic below illustrates how the learning continuum is organized, beginning with STEAM pillar e.g. Technology, then core learning objectives, and then key concepts under this pillar. Each key concept, for example Coding, is divided into four levels of complexity, loosely aligned with grades 3 to 6 with learning objectives and outcomes mapped to the concept level; and inturn to game activites.

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You can download the STEAM Learning Continuum here for your school’s STEM and STEAM programs

A curriculum guide, lesson planes and other supporting materials including knowledgebase, FAQ and Teacher’s forum will be available soon

Teacher Feedback is very Important to Us

Are you already part of a STEAM school? For teachers already teaching STEAM education, your feedback is important to us. The STEAM Craft Edu team is always looking to improve and evolve the STEAM curriculum, including addition of new quests and activities to the Planeteers game as part of regular updates. We’d love to hear feedback from the teacher community to help improve Planeteers.

Simply email us our educational team
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