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Teaching Kids to Code

While our core curriculum includes a coding for kids stream, we believe coding is such an important skill, that we are currently developing a breakout coding curriculum specifically for teaching beginner to advanced computer programming for kids.

The kids coding curriculum teaches programming for kids in a fun storified multi-disciplinary setting using block code. Block code is a simple drag and drop coding language for kids based on C#.

Learners drag and drop jigsaw puzzle pieces of code to complete various coding challenges including debugging and fixing broken code; remoting vehicles, robots and drones; to building simple to advanced programs within the game. This includes being able to create mini-games within the 3D game world, for example a racing game or game of pong using a player controlled robot versus AI controlled robot.

DOWNLOAD the Planeteers Blockly Coding Curriculum

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For educators who teach coding classes for kids, if you’ve tried Scratch or Tynker, or spent some time on you’ll have seen Block Code in action. Planeteers takes block code programming for kids to the next level allowing learners to create projects in 3D and within the context of the game story. Learners are tasked with various kids coding challenges to evolve their game progress by debugging and fixing a broken bot for example, or coding a bot or vehicle to automate a task like farming, etc.

The image below shows a simple Block code activity in Planeteers designed to teach sequencing and events in a fun way – foundation concepts in developing kids coding skills.

Image Coding_Image_1

The image below shows a slightly more advanced activity, where learners are tasked with adding remote control functionality to a robot to teach input and outputs.

Image Coding_Image_2

The image below shows a block code activity where the play is tasked with coding a rocket launch sequence. This is an example of a more complex programming for kids, suitable for more advanced coding classes for kids in years 5 and 6.

Image Coding_Image_3

Coding is such an important skill in the digital age, and it really is fun for kids to learn. Teaching kids to code empowers them with skills to express themselves in really cool ways, and allows them to create exciting multimodal projects while developing problem solving and computational thinking skills. Computer programming for kids has been demonstrated to have diverse early learning benefits while being as simple to learn as any traditional language. Increasingly, programmers have
demonstrated they can solve some of the most difficult problems facing the planet by creating solutions that have never before been considered. So perhaps most
importantly, coding encourages innovation, creativity and provides opportunity to perhaps one day change the world by creating something special using code.

If you’re a teacher and run coding classes for kids or are interested in teaching kids to code, Planeteers is the prefect platform to teach basic to advanced computer
programming for kids in grades 3 to 6. Sign up for our early access beta and stay tuned for more information!

"Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, create a way of thinking about things that is helpful in all domains."

– Bill Gates.