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STEAM Craft Management Team

Meet the Grand Founding Makers
who are ensuring STEAM Craft's giant global success

Chief Maker & Executive Producer
International experience, mobile, PC, virtual worlds & high transactional web games.

Experienced producer, team lead and technology manager with global experience across multinational companies invested in Australia, Asia, US and EMEA markets. Key specialties include product definition and innovation, team building, talent recruitment, coaching and mentoring, intellectual property development, web content and portal development, game development, digital marketing, brand strategies, and business operations management including capital raising and sales.

Bubble Gum Interactive      Disney

Chief Financial Officer
International finance and operations experience including Philippine Animation Studio & Warner Music.

PASIWarner Music

Technology & Game Lead
Highly skilled cross platform developer & technology team lead with international experience.

Tai is the resident tekkie expert in C#/Flex/Flash/AIR/HTML/CSS/PHP. He is a cross platform developer and team lead with proven success in developing, implementing and maintaining highly-transactional web, game and multimedia applications across windows, android, iOS and web.

Bubble Gum Interactive

Art Director
8 years experience in console and mobile, including two Naughty Dog titles.

Dhennis is a senior concept artists/ 3D texture artist/ Illustrator and Graphic Designer who holds a BFA in Commercial and Advertising Art and has been in the industry for +14 years. He has worked on 3D texturing and props environment for several major console titles.

Bubble Gum Interactive       Secret 6

Social Impact Relationship Manager
Over 10 years experience in Offshoring and Client Implementation & Transitions.

Cindy oversees the creation and implementation of STEAM Craft Edu’s positive commitment to social responsibility objectives by raising awareness strategies, building and managing relationships with partners; and through managing marketing campaigns.

Business and Marketing Advisors

Learning from seasoned Business Development
and Marketing specialists

Founder & CFO, Bubble Gum Interactive
International business development experience across technology and manufacturing industries.

Leigh is a successful entrepeneur with over 25 years experience in developing and selling products across multiple industry channels internationally, from concept design through to manufacturing and retail. He successfully launched products internationally in the BMX, clothing, footware, publishing, and computer game industries. Leigh also worked with large established tier 1 brands in the chocolate, wine and food industry for 25 years, through my “bread and butter” company Abel Lemon, which has allowed ongoing investment in new companies and products.

Founder & Director of Marketing, Bubble Gum Interactive
International business development experience across media and technology including Fox, Disney, and Kik.

Paul’s career spans 15 years in marketing, product management, strategy, brand development and IP creation roles based in North America, UK/Europe and Australia/NZ. He has an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management and a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from the University of Wollongong. Paul wrote and directed a short film back in his undergrad days called ‘Rando The Mighty’. It had barbarians and wizards and was totally awesome.