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Teacher and Student Testimonials

Teacher Testimonials

“Planeteers bridges the gap to reach our 21st century learner where gaming can lead into learning, and boosts the morale of our teachers in integrating technology in teaching STEAM.”
-Mark Bagsic, ICT Coordinator/Teacher,
Andres Bonifacio Elementary, Pasay, Philippines

“Authentic and real world problems are simulated and importantly, develop resilience by letting the student fail, re-evaluate then change their design, and try again.”
-Evan Bonser, ICT Integrator,
TARA Anglican School for Girls, Sydney, Australia

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“Planeteers provides a fun, collaborative and engaging way for kids to explore and learn important fundamentals in STEAM. Students are highly engaged and the curriculum mapping and support materials are excellent.”
-Karen Parkinson,
K-6 Teacher, Toronto, Canada

“The learning that results from crafting, building and coding is made more memorable because the learning outcomes are trialed, tested, and then brought to life.”
-Hailey Smith, Science Teacher,
Vickery Creek School, US

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“Planeteer’s blockly coding quests have been so much fun for the students… they are learning to code in 3D. It has certainly alleviated any hesitation when I hear the terms coding, algorithm, and computational thinking!!”
–Harper Andrew, ICT Teacher,
Everett Public School, US

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Student Testimonials

   “Makes learning fun!”

   “I like it better than minecraft!” 

   “The block code is super cool!” 

   “I’m making robots!”

   “Building stuff is my favorite!”

   “I love earning the badges!”