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Welcome to STEAM Craft Edu!

STEAM is an acronym that refers to education in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

Encouraging students to learn and excel in these fields is a major priority for governments around the world. As careers and opportunities become increasingly dominated by new technologies, systems and tools, those who have solid knowledge in STEAM fields will be best equipped to succeed.

STEAM Craft Edu was formed to help foster and nurture student interest in STEAM fields. Developed in tandem with leading experts in STEAM education, the game-based learning platform is a highly engaging school resource to deliver STEAM and 21C skills to students in grades 3-8.

Preparing students for success

Highly engaging 3D educational sandbox for grades 3 to 6

Teaches open ended STEAM concepts and activities

Supports a mix of projects, challenge and enquiry based learning

Provides simulated environments to explore real world phenomenon

Teaches design, innovation, problem solving and coding skills

Provides students with the opportunity to tinker, explore and experiment

Develops critical thinking skills and nurtures curiosity

Engages learners through positive play and educational gaming!

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Our Mission

1. To make an impact on global education, with equal focus on financial return and social benefits.

2. Create a sustainable game-based educational vehicle to teach critical 21st century skills in emerging and western markets.

3. To leverage children’s engagement with games + mobile devices to maximize reach, and enable the opportunity to learn no matter where they are.

4. Use a freemium model to deliver a democratized educational offering that monetizes only those who can afford it.

STEAM Craft Philippines

"Equal opportunity more
than anything, means a great education.”

Steve Jobs