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Level Up Learning with Planeteers!

STEAM Edu specialize in education technology to improve learning outcomes. Our focus is teaching STEAM and 21C skills using “serious” games.

Designed in collaboration with leading educators, our game-based learning platform Planeteers teaches STEAM and critical future job skills like coding, robotics and design innovation to learners in grades 3 to 6 in an immersive story driven game world. Planeteers leverages children’s engagement with games to maximize focus and improve learning outcomes. A feature packed version of Planeteers is available to download for FREE as part of our commitment to equal education opportunity. And for educators looking to upskill in STEAM, PBL and game-based learning pedagogies check out our online professional development certificate courses.



Image Creative-Child-Awards-370x193
Planeteers Awarded “Top App Of The Year” And “Creative Play Of The Year” By Creative Child Magazine

Planeteers received two nods in this year’s Creative Child Awards for “Top App Of The Year Award” in the Educational STEAM App Category and the “Creative Play Of The Year Award” in the Creative Play with Apps Category. The Creative Child Awards Program consists of moms and educators who evaluate and distinguish products that nurture […]

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STEAM Craft Edu Recognized As “Overall STEM Education Solution Provider Of The Year” At The 2020 Edtech Breakthrough Awards

STEAM Craft Edu has been selected as the winner in the 2nd annual EdTech Breakthrough Awards program and taking home the “Overall STEM Education Solution Provider Of The Year”. It is the goal of the award-giving body to perform the deepest evaluation in determining the highlight “breakthroughs” in education technology. With over 1,500 entries this […]

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STEAM Craft Edu awarded “Best CSR Programme for Education” at the GESS Education Awards

Helping to foster and nurture student interest in STEAM fields using game-based learning, STEAM Craft Edu was recognized in the 2020 GESS Education Awards in Dubai, taking the honors for the Best CSR Programme for Education. The GESS Education Awards highlights and rewards the quality and diversity of education services and products, celebrating the success […]